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The PROFITEST 2 provides you with an inexpensive test instrument for testing the effectiveness of safety
measures in electrical systems per VDE 0100, part 600.
Testing of Residual-Current Protective Devices (RCCBs)
Measurement of contact voltage without tripping the RCCB Contact voltage with reference to nominal
residual current is measured with 1/3 of nominal residual current..
Trip test with nominal residual current, measurement of time to trip.

DIN Tester

Model  Description 
PROFITEST 2  PROFITEST 2 Tester for DIN VDE 0100 (EN 61557)

Low-resistance measurement per VDE 0413, part 4.
Insulation measurement per VDE 0413, part 2.
Complete RCD testing per VDE 0413, part 6.
ZLoop + ISC + fuse type per VDE 0413, part 3.
Earthing measurement per VDE 0413, part 5.
Phase sequence indicator per VDE 0413, part 7.
Test instrument per VDE 0413, part 1.
Testing via country specific contact plug or 2-pole adapter.

Special Testing for Systems and RCCBs.
Testing of systems and RCCBs with rising residual current and display of trip current, as well as contact voltage at the moment tripping occurs.
Testing of RCCBs which are suitable for pulsating DC fault current, testing is conducted with positive
or negative half-waves.
Testing of RCCBs with adjustable residual current for the determination of contact voltage and trip current.

Large Voltage and Frequency Range.
An extended-range measuring system allows for use of the test instrument for all AC and three-phase
systems with voltages ranging from 65 to 500 V, and frequencies from 15.4 to 420 Hz..

Loop and System Impedance Measurement.
Measurement of loop and system impedance can be performed within a range of 65 to 550 V.
Conversion to short-circuit current is based upon respective line voltage, as long as the measured line
voltage is within the prescribed range. Short-circuit current is calculated from actual line voltage and
measured impedance for line voltages outside of this range.
With a test current of 15 mA the loop impedance can also be determined after RCCBs with a nominal
residual current of at least 30 mA without the RCCB being tripped.

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