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R0550 Universal Temperature Controller, 96 x 96 mm, without / with Programmer.
The R0550 is a compact universal controller for use in a multitude of applications with integrated
programmer (optional).
In addition to temperature control, it is also used for regulating pressure, fill-level and flow.
Primary applications include furnace manufacturing (steel, casting, ceramics and glass), heat treating in hardening furnaces, food processing (breweries, dairies and coffee roasting), drying equipment and steam

Universal Temperature Controller

Model  Description 
R0550  R0550 Universal Temperature Controller

• PID control algorithm
• SMART self-tuning
• Inputs: Universal measurement inputs (thermocouples, Pt100, standard signals)
External setpoint Heating circuit monitoring Logic inputs
• Outputs: relay, TRIAC, SSR, servomotor, logic outputs, standard signals
• Protection: IP 65 and NEMA 4X
• Adaptable for export markets: �Celsius / Fahrenheit 100 V / 240 VAC (50 / 60 Hz) or 24 VAC/DC
• Interface: isolated RS 485, MODBUS, JBUS
• Security code for operating functions
• Programmer (optional) with 200 segments, up to 90 individual programs,
9 combined programs, timer function
• External setpoint, rising and falling setpoint ramps
• Output with linearization (quick opening and equal percentage valves)
• Heating current monitoring with external current transformer
• Power supply for 2, 3 or 4-wire transducers (24 VDC)
• Split range
• Soft-start function

• Controller with or without programmer

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