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R6000 8-Channel Temperature Controller in Top-Hat Rail Housing Temperature controller for machines
and systems with central control and display concepts.
Connection to central controls via various fieldbus interfaces or integrated service interface. Profi Bus,
CAN, Simatic Controllers, ModBus

Temperature Controller in Rail Housing

Model  Description 
R6000  8-Channel Temperature Controller in Top-Hat Rail Housing

Plastic processing machines, semiconductor manufacturing processes, oven manufacturing, textile machinery, climate and environmental technology, packaging machines, food processing and process engineering. The R6000 is a compact 8-channel temperature controller in a top-hat rail mount housing.
The controller is used in machines or systems with centralized control and display concepts. Communications are possible via a number of standardized fieldbus interfaces, or by means of the
integrated service interface.

The controllers range of applications includes multi-channel temperature control for plastics
processing machines (injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and hot runner technology),
semiconductor manufacturing processes, industrial and laboratory ovens, textile machinery,
climatic test cabinets, environmental simulation chambers, food and beverage vending machines,
packaging machinery and process engineering.

The standard version includes the following functions:
• Extremely short cycle time: 100 ms for all 8 control zones
• Two and three-position controller, step-action controller, continuous action controller
• Harmonics-free PDPI controller, limit transducer, cyclic duration controller
• Fixed value, cascade and differential controller
• Hot-runner control, water cooling
• Control parameters can be adapted at any time
• 2nd set of parameters
• Setpoint ramp
• Feed-forward control for the avoidance of undershooting and overshooting
• Control zones can be assigned to groups
• All zones can be deactivated as desired with internal or external signal
• Actual value management by groups for the avoidance of thermal stressing
• Absolute or relative limit value monitoring, start-up inhibiting, normally open / normally closed contact
• 8 sensor inputs, thermocouples or Pt100, individually selectable with software
• Monitoring for sensor breakage, cable interruption, polarity reversal and short-circuiting
• Regulated temperature becomes active in the event of sensor breakage
• Resistant to interference caused by leakage current at thermocouples
• 16 binary inputs / outputs with short-circuit detection and self-restoring overload protection
• Inputs / outputs can be freely assigned to controller states, functions and channels
• Heating circuit monitoring without additional transformer
• Voltage compensated heating current monitoring with external standard transformer
• Remote diagnosis with numerous monitoring functions
• RS 232 service interface for configuration and data exchange with free software
• 24 V DC power supply
• CSA certification

• 4 binary inputs / outputs or 4 continuous outputs
• Profibus-DP, CAN-CANOpen, RS485-MODBUS, RS485-EN 60870

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