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LINAX 4000L Chart Paper Recorder.

LINAX 4000L Chart Paper Recorder. With 1 to 4 line channels and electrical isolation between the
measuring circuits, the LINAX 4000L can be used for all standard measurement signals.
The instrument is permanently configured for the desired measuring task at a reasonable price
prior to shipment.
The recorder can be used in aggressive environments thanks to its rugged housing with metal or
plastic door (IP 54).

 LINAX 4000L Chart Paper Recorder.

The LINAX 4000L records zero-frequency quantities,
DC 0 / 4...20 mA or 0...10 V, with an accuracy of 0.5%,
and is thus suited for use with precision physical or electrical measuring transducers.
Measurement values can be archived on 32 m
recording charts or 16 m fanfold charts with a chart
speed of up to 600 mm per hour.

LINAX 4000L Chart Paper Recorder.

Model  Description 
LINAX 4000L  Continuous Line Chart Paper Recorder

LINAX 4000M Chart Paper Recorder.

Freely selectable parameters allow for the adaptation of the LINAX 4000M to measuring tasks including the recording of temperature with Pt 100 sensors or thermocouples.
Pressure, moisture or electrical quantities can be fed to the recorder via measuring transducer.
Parameter settings are selected at the keypad, via the RS 485 interface or with the RS 232 adapter.

 LINAX 4000M Chart Paper Recorder.

Integrated limit monitoring and binary inputs and outputs can be used for process control. Instead of using a line channel, measurement values are documented graphically (as a dotted line) and alphanumerically.

The printer channel furnishes limit value messages with date, time, chart speed and freely selectable clear text. Additional time markers portray binary process conditions.

LINAX 4000M Chart Paper Recorder.

Model  Description 
LINAX 4000M  LINAX 4000M Chart Paper Recorder.

The LINAX 4000H Chart Paper Recorder.

The LINAX 4000H Chart Paper Recorder provides explicit information concerning measurement values and reads out texts to the digital display. Parameter settings for the instrument are also selected with the help of this display. All of the parameters can be set with the control panel, or via the RS 485/RS 232 interface.
All selected parameters are subjected to an automatic plausibility test in order to prevent erroneous settings. Measurement value storage assures that none of your data are lost when the LINAX 4000H is switched to
the stand-by mode.

 LINAX 4000H Chart Paper Recorder
The printer channel allows for the recording of mean values, sums or minimum and maximum values at a
given interval. Limit values are monitored both statically and dynamically according to gradient.
The LINAX 4000H is almost maintenance free thanks to
its 64 m recording chart, and can be left in unmanned stations for the long-term recording of measurement values.
The minimum consumption of felt pens (each pen has a capacity of 1300 m) lengthens the maintenance interval
as well, and pens can be replaced quickly and easily.

LINAX 4000H Chart Paper Recorder

Model  Description 
LINAX 4000H  LINAX 4000H Chart Paper Recorder

POINTAX 6000M Point Recorder.

POINTAX 6000M Point Recorder parameters can be freely selected, which allows for adapting to a variety of measuring tasks for the logging of electrical quantities and temperatures with PT 100 sensors or thermocouples. Pressure and moisture, as well as other process quantities, are connected via measuring transducers, and special characteristic curves can be implemented by means of user specific linearization. The POINTAX 6000M is available as a scale instrument with 1 to 6 scale graduations, or with an LCD display.

 POINTAX 6000M Point Recorder

The entire plotting area can be used as a recording
range, or separate traces can be assigned to each individual channel.
Recording direction can be selected individually for each channel. Representation can be accomplished in a linear fashion with one or two additional break points, or in a logarithmic fashion. In addition, up to 4 event markers can be included in the chart.

POINTAX 6000M Point Recorder

Model  Description 
POINTAX 6000M  POINTAX 6000M Point Recorder

POINTAX 6000L2 microprocessor controlled point recorder.

The POINTAX 6000L2 is a microprocessor controlled point recorder.
The recorder measures process signals ranging from 0/4 ... 20 mA and 0 ... 1 V. Additional current and voltage signals can be measured by means of plug-on shunts or voltage dividers.
Configuration of the recorder for specific measurement tasks is performed by means of software with the integrated keypad, or with a PC in combination with the parameters configuring program PARATOOL P6000L2 via the RS 485 interface.
Limit contact outputs, remote advance selection and a stand-by function can be selected as options.

 POINTAX 6000L2 is a microprocessor controlled point recorder.

6 measuring channels
Last printed point visible from front
Electrically isolated, earth-free measuring channels Process signals ranging from 0/4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 1 V
Front panel dimensions: 144 mm x 144 mm,
installation depth: 250 mm
Combination plotter for paper rolls (32 m) or
continuous fan-fold paper (16 m)
RS 485 interface

POINTAX 6000L2 point recorder.

Model  Description 
POINTAX 6000L2  Microprocessor controlled point recorder.
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