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HATS-Y High Resistance Decade Transfer Standard.
In order to perform calibrations with a high degree of accuracy, reference standards must be employed at every range or decade of the measuring or calibration instrumentation.
Clearly, this can be difficult and costly since these standards must be highly stable and their precise values
must be known with a high degree of certainty and sufficient resolution.
To minimize the cost and difficulty, more practical means of performing such calibrations is to use transfer
standards. If one has a single standard that is calibrated by a national laboratory, one can then compare the
transfer standards to the certified standard by ratio techniques.

HATS-Y High Resistance Decade.

Model  Description 
HATS-Y-100K 100 kOhm/Step Transfer Standard.
HATS-Y-1M 1 MOhm/Step Transfer Standard. 
HATS-Y-10M 10 MOhm/Step Transfer Standard. 

Steps from 1 MΩ to 10 MΩ
Transfers from 0.1 MΩ to 100 MΩ
11 precisely matched resistors High transfer accuracy - better than 2 ppm


The HATS-LR Series of transfer standards consist of 11 matched resistors, of value R, which may be
connected in series or parallel combinations to produce any number of values such as R/10, R, and 10R,
all with the same known deviation, thereby allowing progressive transfers to higher and lower decades.
For example, the 1 M transfer standard may be used to transfer calibrations across 100 kΩ, 1 MΩ and 10 MΩ.
The HATS-LR Series of transfer standards may be used for resistances 100 k and under.
These transfer standards may also be employed as very precise and stable voltage dividers. 

Resistor Type: Wirewound, hermetically sealed, low inductance.

Step Size: 100 kΩ, 1 MΩ or 10 MΩ .


Initial: 100 kOhm ±10 ppm 1 MOhm ±15 ppm 10 MOhm ±20 ppm

Long Term: <±20 ppm for 1 year; <±30 ppm for 2 years;

Transfer : <±2 ppm.


Accuracy: within 10 ppm

Temperature Coefficient: within 5 ppm/°C.


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