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The Model 50102-G-xx Voltage Sensor is used to detect the presence of voltage or capacitance on
overhead or underground cabling or on switch gear and MCC Panels.
It is an excellent mistake-proof safety tester to check lines, bus bars, or capacitors before crews start to work.

Voltage Sensor

Model  Description 
50102-G-03  Voltage Sensor 0-25kV
50102-G-04  Voltage Sensor 0 to 25 kV w/Hot Sticks
50102-G-07  Voltage Sensor 0 to 5 kV
50102-G-08  Voltage Sensor 0 to 40 kV
50102-G-09  Voltage Sensor 0 to 50 kV
50102-G-10  Voltage Sensor 0 to 40 kV w/Hot Sticks
50102-G-11  Voltage Sensor 0 to 50 kV w/Hot Sticks

The Model 50102-G-xx Voltage Sensor has a low sensitivity range and a high capability range through 50kV.
The range selector switch is conveniently located in a protected area on the back of the meter housing.
The sensor operates in two general applications by providing a positive voltage indication on the exposed
bus work and terminals, as well as on insulated cables having a capacitance test point.

Contact with the capacitance test point of a separable elbow connector carrying 50kV will also produce
a one third scale deflection. Higher voltages will produce higher deflections.
When the unit is placed on Direct Line, higher voltages can be checked; this will allow the
This completely shielded tester reads only the contacted test point; no stray fields will be indicated.
The Model 50102-G-xx Phasing Voltmeter comes in a sturdy foam-lined carrying case, complete with a proof
tester which allows the sensor to be tested for correct operation before and after each use - a vital safety

Accessories for Voltage Sensor.
Catalog Description 
50118-G-02  1/2 Set of Hot Sticks 
10104-P-02 Shepherd’s Hook
10104-P-03  Probe Tip 
30142-P-01  Shot Gun Adapter 
50111-P-01  Bushing Adapter 
10275-P-01  Universal Adapter 
50131-G-01  C-Clamp for Grounding 
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