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High Pressure Hose Kit.

HK1-1000 High Pressure Hose Kit
HK1-1000-S High Pressure Hose Kit Skydrol Compatible.

High pressure hose offers a new standard for those involved in high pressure 'on-site' calibration.

HK1-1000 High Pressure Hose Kit.

Model  Description 
HK1-1000  High Pressure Hose Kit.
HK1-1000-S  High Pressure Hose Kit Skydrol Compatible.
PRV-12  Over Pressure relief valve.

Working Pressure. 1000 bar / 15 000 psi
Min. Burst Pressure. 2500 bar / 36 200 psi
Min. Bend Radius. 60mm / 2.36 inch
Working Temperature. -30° C to +80° C / -22° F to +176° F
Construction. Nylon, Stainless Steel, Brass, PTFE, Nitrile
Outer Diameter. 6.9 mm/ 0.27 inch
Bore. 3.2 mm / 0.13 inch
Fluids. Water, Oil as standard, 'Skydrol' or brake fluid version available

Overpressure relief valve.

PRV12 Overpressure relief valve.
The 'PRV12' range of relief valves provides a compact solution to the protection of sensitive instruments
from the danger of overpressure under low flow conditions.

Overpressure relief valve PRV-12 

Pressure Adjustment:
This is achieved by first removing protective cap,
then using a suitable tool, turn the adjustment screw
clockwise to increase and anticlockwise to decrease
'cracking' pressure.

HTP1 Version (For use with HTP1 Hydraulic
Pressure Test System).

This special version is for use only with the HTP1 Hydraulic Pressure Test System.
The valve is simply screwed into the rear ΒΌ"BSP blanked off port which is reserved for the purpose.
The valve can be supplied pre-set with the HTP1 or can be quickly retro-fitted to existing units using
simple installation instructions.

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