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HTP1-700 and HTP1-1000 are lightweight, easy to use and can generate pressures up to 700 bar / 1000 bar,
10 000 psi / 14 500 psi.
HTP1 pressure pump is well suited for calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, pressure
switches and pressure gauges.
HTP1 can be used as a Portable Pressure Comparator in conjunction with various pressure indicating devices.
The system offers adjustable over pressure protection, fine control, and a unique selector switch to move
from priming to high pressure generation.

Hydraulic pressure Pump

Model  Description 
HTP1-700  HTP1-700 Hydraulic Hand Pump
0 to 10,000 psi (0 to 700 bar)
HTP1-700-K  HTP1-700-K Hydraulic Pressure Pump Kit (0 to 10,000 PSI)
with case adapters and hose
HTP1-1000  HTP1-1000 Hydraulic Portable Pump
0 to 14,500 psi (0 to 1000 bar)
HTP1-1000-K  HTP1-1000 High Pressure Pump Kit (0 to 14,500 PSI)
with one test hose and one ΒΌ" FNPT port

Sealed Construction - NO LEAKS ! NO RUST !
Lightweight, hand held and easy to use.
Optional over pressure protection system (via adjustable relief valve)
Quick priming and pressure generation using scissor action pump.
High pressure / priming selector.
Fine adjustment control.
Pressure release valve.
Large see-through reservoir with a capacity of over 100cc.
Compatible with many different liquids. e.g. mineral oil, distilled water.
('Skydrol' / Brake fluid option also available).

Hydraulic Pump Kit 

The Hydraulic Pump Kit includes:

HTP1 Pneumatic Pressure Pump
Hard Sided Carrying Case
User Manual
Calibration Hoses

Pump Specification:

Pressure range: 0 to 700 bar / 0 to 1000 bar max. (10 000 psi / 14 500 psi).
Pressure media: Mineral based Hydraulic Oil (DW6292 shown below) Distilled water
( 'Skydrol' and brake fluid option available HTP1-S )
Pressure connections: 3/8" BSP female.1/4" BSP female. ( blanked off )
Quick fit connector to suit flexible hose. ( see optional accessories below ).
Dimensions: L 236mm x W 159mm x D 70mm; approx. 1.6kg in weight.

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