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The 108A Universal High Precision Power Analyzer.
Available as 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-phase instrument.
Highest precision available: 0.02% reading + 0.02% range18 bit resolution. High accuracy at 10% full
scale. Wide angle, touch-screen TFT color display (800 x 480 pixels).
Very fast data transfer; up to 3400 values per second. High DC precision for solar applications.

High Precision Power Analyzer

Model  Description 
108A-X/X  Single- To Six Phase Universal High Precision Power Analyzer

Four different measurement modes enhance the 108A Power Analyzer capabilities:
Standard, Logging, Transient, Power-Speed.
Standard: 280 quantities per phase are continuously measured and updated.
Logging: The number of cycles is selected for which a periodic data output to the
RS232 / USB-interface is desired.
Transient: Current-, voltage-, and power wave forms are displayed in a start-up on all phases simultaneously.
Power-Speed: Analyzes the performance of electric devices.
Calculates all quantities of power electronics, including motor- and transformer values, harmonic,
energies, analog inputs, and speed.
Exceptional wide current- and voltage inputs. Current: 4 current inputs 1mA – 1A, 15mA – 5A, 1A- 40A; shunt inputs: 60mV – 6V and are potential free and exhibit low noise. Voltage: 0.3V to 1000V.
Excellent DC-stability, wide frequency range (DC-2MHz)
A total new gadget is the wireless mouse, which is very user friendly.
USB interface for downloading measurement data. Over 1Gbyte memory to save measurement
data and settings.
Optional operating software under Windows, LabView Driver.
Prices are reasonably and therefore very competitive.
The concept of the 108A Power Analyzer is modular, upgrading at any time is feasible.
Furthermore, servicing the instrument is simple and pre-calibrated input amplifiers can be ordered for maintenance purposes.

The new 108A Lifestyle Power Analyzer is as simple to operate as our other instruments.
Just let you guide from your intuition.
Almost all setting changes are accomplished with two touches on the display screen or two
clicks with the mouse.
Generous TFT touch screen with color display. Its readability is crystal-clear.

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