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The BatAlarm program is an extremely helpful tool for your ad hoc decisions in battery management.
Simply connect the DC23 Battery Tester with a serial cable to your host PC, select the reference file with the
origin battery data and compare your actual measurements with the file values.
The result is an immediate indication over the battery status.
The two indicators (Green = GOOD, Red = FAIL) gives you a fast indication over the battery status.

Battery Tester Software

Model  Description 
DC-23 SOFT  Battery Tester Software

The BatAnalyze tool gives you a fast overview between two measurement files.
The result signs show, ordered by the battery number, GOOD with a green and FAIL with a red indicator.
Just follow the instructions step by step and you'll be informed suddenly about the status of your battery
system. With the tolerance fields you set your own battery fail criteria.

 Battery software screen

The BatHandler program is a virtual DC23 instrument.
With this program you are able to trigger battery measurements from your PC.
To trig a measurement for example just select "Trig measurement" and press the START button.

If you are going to read out the stored values from the DC23 Battery Tester choose "Read / save", set your desired battery numbers at the Start/End fields (max. 1 to 500) and press START.
The data are in a MS EXCEL compatible form.

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