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Metrahit 27EX Milli-Ohmmeter Avionics Tester.

METRAHit 27EX Intrinsically Safe Milliohmmeter for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.
Compact milliohmmeter for the measurement of low value contact resistance in potentially explosive
atmospheres, for example at contacts inside aircraft fuel tanks (bonding test), as well as for general
low value resistance measurements inside and outside of potentially explosive atmospheres,
for example on aircraft outer skins (lightning protection and wick test).

Milliohmmeter - Bonding Tester.

Model  Description 
Metrahit 27EX  Metrahit 27EX Avionics Milliohmmeter.

The Metrahit 27EX milliohm resistance meter is the modern alternative to the well known TH2 (Thomson)
and Wh2 (Wheatstone)measuring bridges. It provides an expanded measuring range, greater accuracy and
easier reading. As a universal measuring instrument, it acquires resistance values by feeding a test current
through the respective resistor, conductor or contact, and records them to its integrated memory module.

AIRBUS M227G 97F92003500 according AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual)
AIRBUS M227D 97000F92001015000 for FAL only (Final Assembly Line)

Milliohmmeter specification
Measuring resistance ranges 30 mΩ,  300 mΩ, 3 Ω and 30 Ω  
Resolution  10 ยตΩ 
Kelvin connection  4-wire measurement 
EX designation  Ex II 2 G EEx ia IIA T4 
Certificate  INERIS 05ATEX0040 
Voltage measurement  from 3 to 600 V DC and 3 to 600 V AC with ± 30,000 digits 
Frequency Measurement  from 300 Hz to 3 kHz 
DATA hold memory  up to 1200 measured values 
Continuity Testing  YES 
DIODE Testing  YES 
Overload Protection  YES 
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