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826-T3 Infrared IR Non Contact, Contact Thermometer.
826-T4 Infrared Non Contact, Contact Thermometer with Laser sighting and alarm.
826-T3, T4 2 in 1 Contact Non contact Thermometer incl. TopSafe, wall/belt holder, probe protection cap and
frozen food drill.
testo 826-T3, quick non-contact measurement and core temperature measurement in one instrument.
The surface temperature is measured with the infrared side while the measuring tip on the penetration
side is used to determine the core temperature.
testo 826-T4 is the top model from the testo 826 series. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of
testo 826-T3, testo 826-T4 also has a laser sighting and a reliable audible alarm.

826-T3 Infrared and Contact Thermometer

Model  Description 
05638263  826-T3 Combo Food IR Thermometer includes TopSafe
05638264  826-T4 Combo Food IR Thermometer w/ laser, incl. TopSafe
826-T3, 826-T4 Infrared Thermometer
Model  826-T3, 826-T4
Parameters  ° C/° F 
Probe Type NTC
Measuring range -50 to +230 ° C
Resolution  0.1 ° F  
Accuracy  ± 0.5 ° C (-20 to +99.9 ° C)
± 1 ° C or 1% of mv (remaining range) 
Probe Type Infrared   
Measuring Range  -50 to +300 ° C 
Accuracy  ± 1.5 ° C (-20 to +100 ° C)
± 2 ° C or 2% of mv (remaining range) 
Resolution  0.5 ° C 
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