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740 Thermocouple Selector Switch.
Model 740 Thermocouple Selector was designed for those customers who's wishing to be able to purchase a system complete with thermocouple cold junctions and selector switch.
It is housed in an attractive case and stands next to the Zeref V enabling 1 of up to 18 thermocouples to be

Thermocouple Selector Switch

Model  Description 
740  Thermocouple Selector Switch

The Model 740 Thermocouple Selector Switch acts in conjunction with the Zeref Ice Point Reference Unit
to give a complete thermocouple referencing system.
Up to 18 thermocouples can be accommodated on the top of the Selector, by screw terminals, standard or
miniature thermocouple sockets, or a combination of all three.
The sockets or screw terminals are connected via looms to cold junction probes which fit into a
Zeref Type 136.
Any type of thermocouple, or combination of thermocouples, can be referenced if specified at the time of
ordering. From the Zeref, the referenced outputs of the thermocouples return to the Thermocouple Selector
and are presented via the highest quality thermocouple switch available to two output terminals which can then be connected to a microvolt measuring device.

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