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903 Portable Temperature Test Unit.
Temperature range +30°C to +650°C. The Model 903 Portable Temperature Dry Block Test Unit is a model designed specifically for ease of use and for on site application where a small, light, portable unit is required. The 903 reaches its maximum temperature of 650°C in 20 minutes and features a best accuracy of 0.5°C.
The unit is economically priced yet sturdy and rugged, eliminating the need for a separate carrying case.

Portable Temperature Test Unit.

Model  Description 
903 Portable Temperature Test Unit.

The 903 Dry Block is available in two models, the Site model, which has both a controller and a built in indicator for use with type "N" thermocouples, and the Basic model, which has only the controller.
The unit features a shutter device on the front panel to protect the user from heated inserts falling out whilst the unit is being moved or carried, and an internal fan to aid in the cooling of the block.
An optional cooling accessory is available which connections for an air supply and speeds up the cooling of the unit. The calibration volume is 25mm diameter by 148mm deep and the 903 is provided with an insert drilled with 3 holes, 1 x 3mm diameter, 1 x 6.5mm diameter and 1 x 9.5mm diameter.
Other inserts can be provided with specially drilled calibration pockets to suit your special requirements.
A certificate of test traceable to NIST is provided with each purchase.

907 Dry Block Calibrator specification
Model  903
Temperature Range  35°C to 650°C
Accuracy  ≤ ±2°C Throughout entire range
Stabilization Range  10 minutes
Cooling Time  650°C to 50°C in 35 minutes
Heating Time  50°C to 650°C in 20 minutes
Calibration  25mm diameter by 148mm deep
Volume  4 pockets, 2 x 4.5mm diameter, 6.5mm diameter and
9.5mm diameter
Display Resolution 
0.01 to 99.99
0.1 100 to 650
can display 0.01 across whole range with the software included.
Indicator Units  °C, °F, K
Supply  110VAC ±10% (50/60Hz) 180W  
Dimensions  185mm x 120mm x 232mm (HxWxD) 
Weight  10.8 lbs (4.9kg) 
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