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Apollo Fixed point Dry-Block Calibrator, Temperature Reference.
Dial setting to predetermined setpoints. The Apollo Dry-Block Calibrator range offer a complete self contained and simple solution for the checking and calibrating of temperature sensors.
The sensors under test are placed in the large block and one of the five preset temperatures is selected,
the temperature from the sensor is then recorded against the value from the Apollo's NIST Calibration
Certificate. This calibration certificate is included as standard.

Dry-Block Calibrator, Temperature Reference.

Model  Description 
Apollo 1 Apollo Dry Block Calibrator
Apollo 2 Apollo Dry Block Calibrator

The Apollo Dry Block Calibrator is widely used as a reference standard in hospitals, local government and food industries etc. The Apollo has a long history of successful use.
The block has four 8mm pockets and four 19.5mm pockets all 160mm deep.
The Apollo Dry Block Calibrator can be provided with customer selected temperatures in addition to the two standard models which have the following temperatures preset.
Temperature Range
Apollo 1: 37, 65, 100, 121, 130°C
Apollo 2: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300°C 

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