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FastCal Portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrator.
Temperature Dry Block Calibrator. Low Temperature -30 degF to 1200 degF

Portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

Model  Description 
FastCal Portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

Rugged, hard wearing stainless steel case.
Hygienic with no paint to chip or flake.
No membrane keypads.
Fast response, high stability.
Standard PC interface. Extra software is available for automatic calibration.
Fast-Cals (except the 2010) all have the same sized removable inserts which can be drilled to your exact requirements.
A standard multi-hole insert is included with each unit.
5 point NIST traceable calibration certificate included.

FastCal Calibrator specification
Model  Low Medium High
Temperature Range  -35 to +140°C  30 to 350°C  35 to 650°C 
Stability  0.02°C  0.03°C  0.05°C 
Accuracy - Basic  ±0.2°C  ±0.3°C  1°C ±0.5°C 
Accuracy - Complete  ±0.15°C  ±0.2°C  ±0.5°C 
Heating Time  -30 to +140°C in 15
50 to 350°C in 15
50 to 650°C in 20
Cooling Time  +140 to 0°C in 15 minutes  350 to 140°C in 40 minutes  650 to 300°C in 20 minutes 
Calibration Capacity   148mm depth 25mm  148mm depth 25mm  148mm depth 25mm 
Power  150W  750W  750W 
NIST Traceable Certificate  Included
PC Communications  Included
Software  Included
4-20mA Input  Complete Models
Thermal Switch Test  Complete Model with Software
Ramps and Dwells  Yes with Software
Dimensions  228 x 248 x 143mm (9" x 9.8" x 5.6")
Weight  14 lbs.
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