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1565-B Sound Level Meter is a general-purpose sound-level meter that conforms to both national and
international standards, meets all criteria necessary for the noise previsions of the Occupational Safety and
Health Act ( OSHA ) and includes features found in more cumbersome and expensive sound meters.
This meter is also approved for use in gassy coal mines by the bureau of mines.

Sound level meter calibrator

Model  Description 
1565-B Sound Level Meter Calibrator

Input: MICROPHONE: Lead-ziconate-titanate ceramic.
Output: > 1.2 Vrms behind 620 Ω with meter at full scale; will drive oscilloscope or low-impedance headphones.
Harmonic Distortion:
< 0.5% (0.1% typical) from 32 Hz to 8 kHz, C-weighted with meter at full scale.
Any load impedance may be connected.
Can be pressure calibrated at 125, 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz with GR 1562 Calibrator,
and at 1000 Hz with GR 1987*.
Environmental: Temperature:
-10 to 50°C operating: -40 to +60°C storage, with batteries removed;
Coefficient of sensitivity ~ +0.02 dB/°C at 6 dB below full-scale meter reading.
Humidity: 0-90% RH within 0.5 dB.
Magnetic Field: 1 oersted (80 A/m) 50- or 60- Hz field causes about 45 dB C-weighted (negligible A-weighted) indication when meter is oriented for maximum sensitivity to fi eld. A 1-oersted, 400-Hz field causes about
58 db A-weighted indication when meter is oriented for maximum sensitivity.
Vibration: With the microphone attached, the highest meter indications (without interference from background noise) when the instrument is vibrated at an acceleration of 0.1 g, are 67 dBA at 63 Hz, 68 dBA at 250 Hz,
and 70 dBA at 1000 Hz.
When the microphone is replaced by an equivalent impedance, the same test gives no meter indication.
Microphone safety cap, instruction manual, carrying case.
Power: Two 9V alkaline batteries (NEDA 1604AC) supplied, provide 50 hours of operation.
Mechanical: Shielded plastic case
Dimensions: 16.5 cm H x 0.92 cm W x 0.53 cm D (6.5" x 3.63" x 2.09").
Weight: 0.48 kg (13 oz) net, 1.4 kg (3 lb) shipping.
* At 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 Hz with GR 1986 Calibrator.

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