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1616 Precision Capacitance Bridge.
1616 Precision Capacitance Bridge is one of three units (sold separately) required to make up the 1621 Precision Capacitance Measurement System.
When used with an oscillator and a detector equivalent to the 1316 and 1238 the 1616 Capacitance Bridge will perform as follows:
▪ Wide range of capacitances can be measured, extending from the resolution limit of 0.1aF to a maximum of 10uF with internal standards, and further with external standards
▪ For 3-terminal unknown capacitors, a pair of coaxial terminals is provided
▪ For 2-terminal coaxial "unknowns", a single precision connector facilitates exacting control of fringing effects

1616 Precision Capacitance Bridge.

Model  Description 
1616 Precision Capacitance Bridge.

10exp-7 pF to 10 μF - 12 digital readout.
10exp-10 μS to 1000 μS- 5 digital readout 10 Hz to 100 kHz.
up to 150-V input from oscillator.
3-terminal measurements.
coaxial measurements.

The 1616 employs a transformer ratio-arm bridge with which unbalances as small as 0.1 aF (10-7pF) and 100 aS(10-10 μS) can be resolved. Detection of such small unbalances is aided by ratio-transformer voltage capabilities up to 160 volts at 1 kHz and by range switching that disconnects the unused internal standards in order to reduce shunt capacitance across the detector input.


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