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242D Resistance Calibration Measuring System.
The 242D Resistance Calibration Measuring System provides both the resources required for making precision resistance measurements and for comparing resistance standards.
10 ppm Direct-reading accuracy.
1ppm Comparison accuracy with 0.1ppm resolution.
Direct or percent deviation readout.
Matched generator detector.
Complete guarding and shielding
Electro Scientific OR ESI OR TEGAM

Resistance Calibration Measuring System.

Model  Description 
242D Resistance Calibration Measuring System.

Kelvin Ratio Bridge.
Four-terminal comparison bridge.
RS 925D Decade Resistance Standard providing resistance values from 10 mΩ to 1.2 MΩ in 100 Ω step.
801 DC Generator/Detector to provide the optimum signal source and null detector combination.
10 ppm direct reading accuracy.
1 ppm comparison accuracy with 0.1 ppm resolution.
Matched generator detector.


The Model 242D Resistance Measuring System brings increased accuracy and reliability to resistance
measurement from 10 milliohm to 120 Mohm, with operational speed ideally suited for production and
quality control.
Direct reading accuracy of 10 ppm is maintained over a wide range without the need for correction tables
or computations of any kind.

The key to the 242D performance is the systems design approach, with all factors affecting precise
resistance measurement considered during the design process.
Three compatible, precision instruments have been joined into one complete measurement system.
They are: a decade resistance standard, a Kelvin ratio bridge, and a DC generator detector.
In addition to performance accuracy operational features are designed so that minimum time is
required for each measurement. Separate resistance and deviation dials simplify component checking
and temperature coefficient measuring.
Resistance transfers can be made in minutes, with assurance of reliability and repeatability.


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