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DB877 Decabox. Coaxial decade resistance box.
DB877 is a coaxial decade resistance box, which provides 0.1Ω to 12MΩ of resistance.
It features eight decades made up of precision wire-wound resistors.
The DB877 is designed to provide long-term dependable service in precision DC and audio frequency
applications. Two sets of four dials each are configured so that the operator can easily switch in the exact
resistance. Up to 120 million divisions of resolution are provided to obtain the closest possible resistance

DB877 Decabox.

Model  Description 
DB877 DB877 Decabox.

± (0.01% + 7mΩ) Initial Accuracy.
± (0.02% + 10mΩ) Long-term Accuracy.
Low Temperature and Power Coefficient.
Extruded Metal Case for Shielding and Mechanical Protection.
Solid Silver Alloy Switch Contacts to improve repeatability to 1mΩ.

APPLICATIONS: Used to dial in exact resistance values for DC and Audio frequency ranges.


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