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IMF-600A LCR Bridge Impedance Meter.
IMF-600A is a cost effective manual or auto ranging digital impedance measuring instrument that
complements the basic DMM to complete your test and measurement needs.
With its low resistance measurement capacity and Kelvin leads, the IMF-600A is invaluable for locating PC board shorts.

LCR Bridge Impedance Meter.

Model  Description 
IMF-600A LCR Bridge Impedance Meter.

Analog & digital outputs
4-wire shielded Kelvin test terminals
Excellent for locating shorts
Companion comparator unit
Optional auto ranging
Optional battery pack C-L-G-R
Dissipation for capacitors
1/Q for inductors
Analog, digital, or 4-20 mA outputs
High accuracy
Protected circuitry
Very broad range

Automatic measurement for all functions is provided automatically with a 3½ digit display.
No balancing or manual operations are required. Analog & digital outputs may be used to interface to
comparators or other devices.
4-Wire shielded Kelvin test terminals - short circuit location ensures precision measurements even for very
low impedances like contact or wire resistance and makes locating PC board short circuits an easy task.

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