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DP-100 Ripple Noise Differential Probe
This DP-100, Differential Probe, is best suit for Ripple Noise or Spike Noise Measurement of Switching Power Supplies. DP-100 had designed for RM-103 Ripple Noise Meter and SC-82 Multi Channel Scanner family but also effective for Oscilloscope. DP-100 enables to eliminate much Common Mode Noise and allows you to help measure DCV, Ripple Noise Noise Voltages much more accurately.
No external Power Supply for DP-100 is required because of passive probe. These family covers wide range up to 100MHz.

Ripple Noise Differential Probe

Model  Description 
DP-100 Ripple Noise Differential Probe
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Ripple Noise Differential Probe Specifications
Differential Characteristics CMMR=40dB(100MHz)
Max Input Volt. +/-200V(DC or AC) Attenuation Ratio 1:1
Frequency Band Width DC- 100MHz
Impedance 50Ohm (More than 1MHz)
Input capacitance 0.01microF(Terminated by TRC-50F)

DP-100M Input cable 10cm Clip type
DP-100 Input cable 20cm three (3) colored 10pcs.

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