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ELA-1005 Electronic Load. Low Voltage Operation. Voltage 120V, Current 180A, 1KW, 30A/us slew rate.

Constant Current (CC), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Power (CP),
External Control, Dynamic, Sequence, Short and Current Limit modes.
Dynamic mode : Up to 16 combinations of any Current & Time can be set.

Electronic Load.

Model  Description 
ELA-1005 Electronic Load. Low Voltage. High Current
 not available

Peak power: works up to 30x as high as rated power.
Operate with lower voltage.
Sequence mode with up to 1024 steps.
Standard TRIG OUT for cur, monitoring.
Standard GP-IB and USB Interfaces.
Memory for 6 settings (means range, settings).
Ripple Noise meas. Option (factory opt.).
In various test bench.
Peak power and load test for power supplies.
Integration to a test and evaluation system

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