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ELL-1005 High Current Electronic Load.

ELL-1005 High Current Electronic Load.
The ELL-1005 is a high current electronic load capable of 405A loading and 1000W.
New design made this high current load in 1/4 of its predecessor model.
This model is suitable for high current discharging test for capacitors and batteries.
With its 50A/μs slew rate, this model is applicable to high speed loading test.
Constant Current (CC), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Power (CP),
External Control mode, Dynamic loading, Sequence mode, Short and Current limit functions.

High Current Electronic Load.

Model  Description 
ELL-1005 High Current Electronic Load.
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Maximum 405A loading current in a compact body.
50A/us slew rate.
Peak power operation for over current and transient testing. (Max.12kW).
Max. 1024 steps in sequence mode.
Low voltage loading at 0.6V at 405A and operates nearly 0V for limited current.
Equipped with GPIB and USB as standard.
Parallel operation for expanded power application. (Booster function).
Dynamic mode: Up to 16 combinations of any Current & Time can be set.

High Current Electronic Load Peak power.
Newly invented "Extreme Power" technology allows this model to operate at much higher power for the
duration specified since this technology manages Peak Power and Average Power.
Low voltage operation.
There is no operating limitation by Loading Voltage since this series sink load current as far as voltage difference exists. Minimum operating voltage : 0.6V at 405A , 0.3V at 202.5A, 0.1V at 67.5A.
Parallel operation.
 Up to 5000W loading is possible by parallel operation (max. 2025A).

The ELL-1005 is equipped with various features suitable for evaluation and inspection applications.
External control mode (0 - 10V) can control load current externally, Current monitor for load current monitoring
(not isolated), GPIB as well as USB interface.

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