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ELS-154 Ultra Fast Electronic Load.

ELS-154 Ultra Fast Electronic Load.
The ELS-154 Electronic Load is designed to test high-speed devises such as Power ICs and electronic components.
The maximum slew rate can be adjusted up to 500A/uS and minimum rise time of 30 ns. Provided CC, CR, CV, CP, External control, Dynamic loading, Sequence, Short and Current limit. (CC : Constant current, CR : Constant resistance, CV : Constant voltage, CP : Constant power)
The ELS-154 can be operated as high as 1024-step sequence mode. (When used with PC.)

Ultra Fast Electronic Load

Model  Description 
ELS-154 Ultra Fast Electronic Load.
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Peak power: works up to 30x as high as rated power.
Operate with lower voltage.
Sequence mode with up to 1024 steps.
Standard TRIG OUT for cur, monitoring.
Standard GP-IB and USB Interfaces.
Memory for 6 settings (means range, settings).
Ripple Noise meas. Option (factory opt.).

Low Voltage operation.
The ELS-154 can draw certain amount of current as far as some voltage exists between the loading terminals even below minimum operating voltage. interface.

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