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ELS-304 Electronic Load

ELS-304 Electronic Load.
ELS-304 Electronic Load is an electronic load capable of creating ultra high-speed slew rate for applications requiring high-speed dynamic load effect.
Our newly developed electronic load circuits implemented in the ELS-304 enables the internal parasite
impedance to decrease and the bandwidth and the slew rate to be remarkably improved, realizing as fast as
200A/us (four times faster than our conventional products) even in a low voltage presented.
In addition, since ringing of load effect is minimized and it is possible to start operating just near zero volt.,
you can use the ELS-304 electronic load for evaluating the dynamic load effect of VRM and POL power supplies.
And because the slew rate of rising and falling waveforms can be finely setup, you can use the ELS-304 for the current interrupt testing for fuel cells, etc.

Electronic Load

Model  Description 
ELS-304 Electronic Load.
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Evaluation of VRM and POL power supplies requiring dynamic load effect.
Impedance measurement of condensers for transient response.
Over load characteristic test of low volt./large current switching power supplies.
Discharge test of solar batteries and lithium ion batteries

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