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ELZ-175 0V High Speed Electronic Load.

ELZ-175 0V High Speed Electronic Load.
The ELZ series electronic load is capable to load maximum current at 0V input.
This feature is suitable to test such Fuel Cell and Low output voltage DC power supplies. As provided maximum of 67.5A load current so it can be used for long even current density of Fuel Cell has increased. Constant Current (CC), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Power (CP),
External Control mode, Dynamic loading, Sequence mode, Short and Current limit functions.

High Speed Electronic Load

Model  Description 
ELZ-175 0V High Speed Electronic Load.
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Maximum current (67.5A) can be loaded at 0V.
High current rate in a compact body.
25A/us slew rate
Peak loading mode for transient response testing (Max.2kW)
Max. 1024 steps in sequence mode.
External control mode suitable for AC impedance measurement.
Convenient current monitor for I-V evaluation.
Parallel operation for expanded power application. (Booster function)

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