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ELZ-303 Low Voltage Electronic Load.

ELZ-303 Low Voltage Electronic Load.
As low as more then Zero or Zero Volt minimum operation Volt.
As fast as 50A/usec slew rate. Response Speed.
ELZ-303 Low Voltage Electronic Loads can sink current at Zero Volt. without an external power supply.
These features can match current trend of faster response and l lower volt requirements of electronic loads for like current computer devices.

Low Voltage Electronic Load

Model  Description 
ELZ-303 Low Voltage Electronic Load.
 not available

Work with full spec even even when zero Volt. is presented.
As fast as 50A/usec of slew Response.
CC, CR, CV, and CP modes supported.
5-digits Voltage./Current Measurement.
USB GPIB Interface standard.
Digital Ripple Noise Measurement (Opt.)

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