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PW-6000 Switching Power Supply Test System.

PW-6000 Switching Power Supply Test System.
PW-6000 Power Supply Test System is designed for not only Testing Switching Power Supplies in a Production Lines but R&D or Quality Control section where SWPS is evaluated continuously and endlessly
due to Market's requirement to release new many Switching Power Supplies even with small amount. Engineers are too busy to take time to measure Switching Power Supplies in a same manner and not speak
of plot data and make trouble some report from vast of measured data.
PW-6000 will release you from such a non-creative task. PW-6000 is also a Solution of Switching Power
Supply testing in your production lines. System can meet various need of your testing items because of both
software and hardware flexibility.

Switching Power Supply Test System

Model  Description 
PW-6000 Switching Power Supply Test System
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Total Regulation (Combination of any of Static Load Regulation ,Static Input Regulation and Temperature Characteristics)
Load vs. Ripple Noise Characteristics
Operating/Shortage Voltage
Over Voltage Waveform
Over Current Waveform
Inrush Current
Inrush Current on Interruption Sequence Waveform
Dynamic Load Regulation Waveform Dynamic Input Regulation Waveform Input Interruption Waveform Input Frequency Regulation

PW-6000 Switching Power Supply Test System Specification.
Output Measurement (DC Volt. ,DC Current, Ripple Noise Volt., Noise Volt., Current)
Input Measurement (Input Voltage, Input Current, Input Power, Efficiency, Power Factor)
Sequence Measurement (rise time, fall time, hold time)
Operating/Shortage Voltage, Over Current Protection Test, Over Voltage Protection Test
Dynamic Load Regulation, Dynamic Input Regulation, Inrush Current Measurement
Output Current Measurement Cross Regulation

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