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Dry Block Bath Calibrator.

T-25NL Negative temperature Large volume Dry Block calibrator. Temperature from -25°C to 140°C.
T-45NL Negative temperature large volume Dry Block calibrator. Temperature from -45°C to 140°C.
T-660PL Large Volume immersion depth Dry Block Bath Calibrator. Temperature from room to 660°C.

T-25NL, T-45NL and T-660PL Large volume Calibrators are three in one temperature calibrators:
dry block calibrator,
stirred liquid bath for glass thermometers and temperature sensors in any format, and
black body for infrared pirometers.
They also perform functions that would require three different types of instruments: dry block, standard thermometer and calibrator for TCs, RTDs, mA, mV, ohms and thermo switches. 

Dry Block Bath Large Volume Calibrator

Model  Description 
T-25NL  T-25NL Dry Block Bath Calibrator. Temperature from -25°C.
T-45NL  T-45NL Dry Block Bath Calibrator. Temperature from -45°C.
T-660PL  T-660PL Dry Block Calibrator. Room Temperature to 660°C.

Accomplish completely automatic calibrations with or without the use of a computer.
Documenting capabilities: communication with computer and CS-504 Calibration Software.
Portable, compact, provide interchangeable inserts and carrying case.

Dry Block Calibrator Accuracy
T-25N, T-45N and T-660PL up to ±0.1°C with internal reference or 0.05°C with external thermometer,
such as Super Thermometer ST-501.

Dry Block Calibrator Resolution: 
T-25NL, T-45NL and  T-660PL 0.01°C.

Stability of:
T-25N, T-45N  and T50N ±0.02°C through temperature range.
Presents input for thermocouples, thermo resistance and thermo switches.
Besides generating temperature, they measure the signal from the sensor being calibrated.
Perform TC readings with high precision internal cold junction compensation.
Internal regulated 14VDC power supply and mA input for 2-wire transmitters. Make no use of external
standard thermometers.

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