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Hyperion Drago ISOCAL 6 Series (Large Volume).

Hyperion 936 Liquid Bath. Temperature range 45 below ambient to +140°C (absolute minimum -45°C)
Drago 934 Liquid Bath. Temperature range +30°C to +250°C in an ambient of 25°C or below

Portable Liquid Bath with Dry-Block Conversion Option
Portable stirred liquid baths to calibrate temperature sensors to 250°C.
The: Hyperion Portable Liquid Bath calibrates from 45°C below ambient to 140°C (284°F) and the
Drago Portable Liquid Bath from ambient to 250°C (482°F).
The useable calibration volume is a massive 2.5” (65mm) diameter and the overall depth of 7.5” (190mm)
gives more than twice the volume of competitors’ products. Stirred liquid baths are suitable for temperature
sensors of all types, shapes and sizes. Stabilities are much greater than those from Dry Blocks alone and
with suitable reference thermometers performance of up to 0.005°C is achievable.

ISOCAL 6 Series (Large Volume)

Model  Description 
936  936 HYPERION ISOCAL 6 [Large Volume] (-25°C to 140°C)
936  936 HYPERION-SITE ISOCAL 6 [Large Volume] (-25°C to 140°C)
934  934 DRAGO ISOCAL 6 [Large Volume] (30°C to 250°C)
934  934 DRAGO-SITE ISOCAL 6 [Large Volume] (30°C to 250°C)
The Hyperion and the Drago are available in two models. If the liquid is directly in the block then the controller only model, or Basic (B) model, can be selected. However, instead of putting liquids directly in the block liquid containers can be used to facilitate rapid change of liquids. When using a liquid container, Dry Block Insert, Blackbody Target or the Surface Sensor Kit a separate reference thermometer should be used to compensate for the varying offset between the controller and the accessory temperature. In this case you should choose the site version (S) which includes a built-in temperature indicator for high accuracy or for best accuracy an external indicator can be used. An ideal combination is the TTI-6 and 935-14-16 Probe which can be programmed with up to five calibration points to provide high accuracy digital probe matching.

Includes as standard: Windows Software, Computer Interface and a Ramp to Set Point Feature. Increased resolution of ± 0.01 available throughout the range via the PC interface and, locally on the auto-ranging front display, from -19.99 to +99.99 with the Hyperion and 0.01 to +99.99 with the Drago.
The controller features multi-point block to display correction giving good absolute accuracy.
Low-Temperature Infrared Calibrator specification
Model  Hyperion: 45 below ambient to +140°C
(absolute minimum -45°C)
Drago: +30°C to +250°C in an ambient
of 25°C or below
Liquid Bath Accuracy ≤0.2°C Throughout entire temperature range 
Calibration Volume 65mm diameter by l60mm deep
Absolute stability
over 30 minutes 
Stirred Liquid Bath:
Dry Block Bath:
Ice / Water Bath:
Blackbody Source:
Surface Sensor Calibrator: ITS-90 Fixed Point Apparatus:  
Computer Interface  Included with Windows Software 
Thermal Performance  As a liquid comparison bath
Uniformity down to ±0.005°C over the full range 
Display Resolution  0.01


-19.99 to 99.99
-55.0 to -20.0 and
100.0 to 140.0
PC can display 0.01 across whole range with the software included 
Indicator Units  °C, °F, °K
Supply  110VAC ±10% (50/60 Hz)
Hyperion: 200 Watts
Drago: 1000 Watts  
Dimensions  302mm x 176mm x 262mm (HxWxD) 
Weight  Hyperion: 26.5 lbs (12kg)
Drago: 17.6 lbs (8kg) 
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