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LOM-510A Low Resistance Micro Ohmmeter has 4½ digits, 002% basic accuracy and 1 μΩ resolution.
Its 4-terminal measurement technique eliminates lead resistance errors and 80 dB of ac noise rejection
provides rock-steady readings even in noisy locations The unit comes with rugged 4-terminal test clips
and a large selection of optional probes, clips and fixtures allowing attachment to any low-resistance

LOM-510A Micro-ohmmeter

Model  Description 
LOM-510A  LOM-510A Low resistance micro-ohmmeter.

A significant features of the LOM-510A Micro-ohmmeter is the three separate component drive modes.
It’s the combination of good basic accuracy and selectable drive modes which makes the LOM-510A such a useful and accurate resistance measuring instrument.
The Switched DC Mode totally eliminates the effects of thermal EMF, a very important source of error.
The Continuous DC Mode is required when measuring the resistance of highly inductive components
such as transformers.
The Pulsed Mode is important when measuring heat sensitive components such as thermistors.

In addition, the Model 510A can perform “dry circuit” measurements.
This measurement mode is useful when measuring the contact resistance of low level switches.
Several MIL specs require “dry circuit” measurements of certain switch types.

SW (Switched dc) - 0.02% + 2 counts + 2 μΩ
DC (Continuous dc) - 0.04% + 2 counts + 2 μΩ
Pulsed Mode - 0.02% + 4 counts + 2 μΩ

Micro ohmmeter specification
Range  Drive  Max Dissipation  Resolution 
19.999 mΩ 1 A  20 mW  5.0 mW  1  µΩ
199.99 mΩ .1 A  2.0 mW  .50 mW  10  µΩ
1.9999 Ω 10 mA  .2 mW  .05 mW  100  µΩ
19.999 Ω 1 mA  .02 mW  .005 mW  1  mΩ
199.99 Ω .1 mA  .002 mW  .0005 mW  10  mΩ
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