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LC-505 Loop Calibrator

LC-505 Loop Calibrator allows the measurement and generation of signals used in current (4-20mA) and voltage (1-5V, 0-10V) loops.
Distinguished from regular loop calibrator due to its high-accuracy, possibility of simultaneous measurement and generation of isolated signals, on-line communication with computer, working as a data acquisition point, and full computer-aid for instrument calibration and adjustment tasks.

LC-505 Loop Calibrator

Model  Description 
LC-505  LC-505 Loop Calibrator

Small, battery-operated, portable (rechargeable battery, charger and carrying case included).
Interfaces with Windows-based.
Calibration Software CD-504 to provide a true Computer-Aided Calibration System.
Real-time data acquisition capability when connected to a computer.
Designed for on-field use, it offers all advantages of a documenting calibrator.
Measures and generates standard linear signals for current and voltage loops (mA and Volts).
Simultaneous input and output operation. Internal regulated 24VDC power supply for 2-wire transmitters.
Special function for transmitter calibration converts any input signal into any output signal.
Square root function for mA input and output. Generates, simulates and reads mA signals.
Automatic power off configuration to save battery.

LC-505 Loop Calibrator incorporates the most modern concepts of calibration and adjustment via
computer, where data are shared between instrument and computer, improving efficiency in handling
information through report and certificate issues, automatic work management, data organization and
storage for an overall coverage of quality procedure requirements, specially those related to ISO-9000.

When connected to a computer it can be used for real-time data acquisition.

Loop calibrator specification
Specification - Input
  Input Ranges Resolution Accuracy Remarks
  Volt -10 to 11V
11 to 45 V
0.0001 V
0.0001 V
0.02% FS
0.02% FS
R input > 1Mohm
mA -5 to 24.5mA 0.0001 mA 0.02% FS R input < 160 Ohm
Specificatiion - Output
Volt -1 to 11 V 0.0001 V 0.02% FS R output < 0.3 Ohm
mA 0 to 22 mA 0.0001 mA 0.02% FS R max = 700 Ohm
2-wire transmitter 4 to 22 mA 0.0001 mA 0.02% FS V max = 60 V
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