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ISIS Temperature calibrator

ISIS is the World's First -100°C Dry Block Calibrator.
The Isis Dry Block offers operation to temperatures as low as -100°C, and is the only block bath working to such a low temperature. Now it is possible to calibrate temperature sensors such as PRTs, Thermocouples and Thermistors at ultra low temperatures without the need for a liquid bath.. 

Low temperature dry block

Model  Description 
ISIS  ISIS Very Low Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

35 x 160mm Calibration Volume
20,000 hours testing, equal to 10 years use
Stability of 0.02°C at -90°C.
Minimum Temperature -100°C (-148°F)
No expensive liquids.
The maximum operating temperature is 40°C

The minimum operating temperature is less than stirred liquid laboratory calibration baths and users in
laboratories will also benefit by avoiding the ongoing need for expensive fluids.

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