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Mavomonitor USB Luminance Meter

MAVOMONITOR USB Luminance Meter is an illumination level meter designed for easy and precise
measurements in cd/m2 Candela per m2 or foot Lambert on backlighted or luminous surfaces.
The instrument is color-corrected, i.e. the spectral response of the photo diode is adapted to that of the
human eye V (l). The correction filters are incorporated in the sensor.
They can thus measure all salient kinds of light without having to take correction factors into account.
The recorder output of the MAVO-MONITOR makes it particularly suitable for monitoring applications,
checking technical acceptance conditions and wherever hardcopy results are required.

Mavomonitor USB Luminance Meter.

Model  Description 
M504G  Mavo-Monitor USB Luminance Meter / Data Logger.
H997B  Calibration Certificate.

Digital precision instrument for measuring luminance with the measuring sensor placed directly on the
luminous or backlighted surface, for instance monitors (CRT/LCD), TV screens, light boxes, light panels,
traffic signs and ground glass. An easy to handle, user-friendly measuring instrument for professional
applications in industry and service, for special checks and certified test according to the existing safety
regulations, above all at work stations, in medical and office systems.
The MAVO-MONITOR Luminance Meter is provided with a data memory with 100 measurement value
locations, which can be read and processed direct with the keys and display,
but also through the integrated USB Port and the standard software provided with the instrument.

Classified according to DIN 5032/T7 and CIE no. 69 Silicon photo diode with V (l) filter
Easy to operate
Fully functional for all professional requirements
31/2 digit display
Color correction in all measuring ranges
Spectral response adapted to that of the human eye
Data storage with built-in memory
Automatic battery test
Socket for recorder output
Overload indication

Measuring Range  0.01 cd/m2 to 19990 cd/m2, subdivided in 4 measuring ranges 
Resolution  MR I 0.01 cd/m2
MR II 0.1 cd/m2
MR III 1 cd/m2
MR IV 10 cd/m2 
Measuring Rate  approx. 2 meas. operations per second 
Display  digital, 31/2 digits, LCD 
Accuracy  Classified according DIN 5032-7, Class B 
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