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DPC-30 and DPC-100 Pneumatic Calibrator.

DPC-30 Pneumatic Calibrator. Pressure calibration system.
DPC-30 pneumatic calibrator is a highly accurate, digital calibrator for pneumatic field instrumentation, including valve actuators; P/I transmitters; controllers, gauges, switches, and recorders. It is especially suitable for checking 3 to 15 PSI systems. Its dual precision regulators enable output of set and variable pressures to control devices, while the switching manifold allows fast selection among the pressure parts. The pressure calibration system simultaneously displays pressure and either mA or VDC, and has a built-in loop power supply. Accuracy is ±0.05% of full scale for all ranges.

DPC-30 Pneumatic Calibrator

Model  Description 
DPC30  DPC30 Digital Pneumatic Calibrator, 30 PSI
DPC100  DPC100 Digital Pneumatic Calibrator, 100 PSI
Above DPC30 and DPC100 include Test Leads, AC Adapter/Charger, Instruction Manual,
NIST Calibration Certificate
Both the DPC-30 and DPC-100 Units Will Regulate Pressure From 1 to 30 psig Using Compressed Plant
Air (100 psig recommended).
The DPC-100 Will Also Read Static Pressure Measurements to 100psigWorks with compressed plant air

0.001 PSI Resolution,
±0.05% Accuracy Dual Digital Display: PSI and mA or voltage
Gauge, Differential, and Vacuum Modes
Selectable Engineering Units
Rugged case to withstand factory floor environment
DPC-30 and DPC-100 Pneumatic Calibrator Specification.
Range:  5 to 30.000 PSI 
Engineering Units  mm H2O, kPa, BAR, kg/cm2, mm Hg, in H2O, mA, cm H2O, Volts 
Media Compatibility:  Clean, non-corrosive gases 
Modes of Operation:  Gauge, Differential, Vacuum (Vacuum to ­5 PSI) 
Accuracy:  ±0.05% F.S. ±1 LSD for pressure and electrical 
Loop Power:  24 VDC 
Operating Range:  0 to 50°C 
Temperature Coefficient:  0.01% F.S./°C for temps. outside of 23°C ±5°C 
Storage Temperature:  20 to 60°C 
Electrical Protection:  Fuse, 1/8 Amp 
Power:  Internal Ni-Cd Battery or AC adapter that simultaneously changes the
battery and powers the unit 
Display:  16 x 2 Line Dot Matrix 
Size/Weight:  13 x 12 x 6" HWD/12 lbs 
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