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510 Medusa and 511 Medusa Dry block Calibrator.

510 Medusa Dry block Temperature Calibrator. Temperature range 30°C to 550°C
511 Medusa 3 Dry block Temperature Calibrator. 50°C to 700°C

Medusa Fixed-Point Cell and Dry block Temperature Calibrator Ambient to 700°C.
A wide range of Dry blocks to suit probes requiring a large immersion depth are available.
These products feature large and deep calibration volumes. As such they are less portable then the earlier.
Dry Blocks in this book but have higher capacities and retain outstanding temperature uniformity,
this uniformity is so good that these larger products are most suitable as apparatus for Secondary
Laboratories to realize the Fixed Points of ITS-90.

Medusa Dry block calibrator.

Model  Description 
510  MEDUSA Basic Model with Standard Insert
510-SITE  MEDUSA SITE Model with Indicator, Standard Insert
511  MEDUSA POTTS System (50° C to 700° C) with Standard Insert
511-SITE  MEDUSA SITE Model with Indicator, Standard Insert
For Comparison Calibration the Medusa should be used with an insert, the standard insert has
six 0.3” pockets 9.8” deep (8mm x 250mm). Also available is an insert 1.7” in diameter x 6.7” deep
(44mm Ø x 170mm) which is suspended from the top of the block so that the height is user adjustable.
For flexibility the Medusa can also be used with accessories for infrared thermometers and surface sensors.
The Medusa is available in both the BASIC (B) and the SITE (S) models.
Includes as standard: Windows Software, Computer Interface and a Ramp to Set Point Feature.
Increased resolution of ±0.01 available throughout the range via the PC interface and from
-19.99 to +99.99 locally on the auto-ranging display.
The controller features multi-point block to display correction giving excellent absolute accuracy.
The SITE model has a universal sensor input allowing Platinum Resistance Thermometers,
Thermocouples (Types K, N, R, S, L, B, PL2, T, J and E) along with Linear Process Inputs
including 4-20mA current transmitters to be displayed on the indicator.
The indicator can be programmed with up to five calibration points to provide high accuracy
digital probe matching.
The indicator and controller are both addressable over the communications link.

Medusa Temperature Calibrator specification
Model No.  510 MEDUSA  511 MEDUSA 3
Temperature Range  30°C to 550°C  50°C to 700°C 
Absolute Stability over 30 minutes  Metal Block Bath ±0.03°C
Blackbody Source ±0.1°C
Surface Sensor Calibrator ±0.5°C
ITS-90 Fixed Point ±0.001°C 

Cooling Time  550°C to 30°C in 5 hours 
Heating Time  30°C to 550°C in 90 minutes 
Uncertainties  Refer to Uncertainties Graph 
Calibration Volume  45mm diameter by 285mm deep 
Standard Insert  Six 8mm pockets all 250mm deep 
Computer Interface  Included with Windows Software 
Display Resolution 
0.01 to 99.99
0.1 from 100.0 to 700.0.
PC can display 0.01 across whole range with software
Indicator Units  °C, °F, °K
Supply  110VAC ±10% (50/60 Hz)
510 Medusa: 1000 Watts
511 Medusa: 1800 Watts  

Dimensions  430mm x 310mm x 300mm (HxWxD) 
Weight  510 Medusa: 37.48 lbs (17kg)
511 Medusa: 55.12 lbs (25kg) 

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