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Furnace Temperature Calibrator.

ITL-M-17703 Furnace Temperature Calibrator. Temperature range 50°C to 700°C.
The Medium Temperature Furnace is designed specifically to realize and maintain the freeze plateaux of Indium, Tin, Zinc and Aluminum Cells, for the calibration of thermometers on ITS-90.
It can also be used with an insert, as an annealing facility of the highest order for SPRT’s or as a comparison calibration facility.

Furnace Temperature Calibrator.

Model  Description 
ITL-M-17703  ITL-M-17703 Furnace Temperature Calibrator.
Fixed Points:
Fixed Points: Indium 156.5985°C.
Tin 231.928°C.
Zinc 419.527°C.
Aluminum 660.323°C.
10 to 20 Hour Plateau.
Annealing Adapter.
Active and Passive Safety Circuits.
Equalizing Block for Comparison Calibration.

A. The Medium Temperature Furnace will operate between 50°C and 700°C.

B. The Medium Temperature Furnace is operated by 3 controllers in a master/slaves configuration
which enables small temperature differences to be achieved along the Furnace.
This is important when freezing cells, since the assumption made is that Cells freeze in concentric
shells. This is true only if there is a small temperature gradient along the furnace.
The controller resolution is 0.1°C.

C. The recommended procedure for establishing a freeze plateau requires operator attention until the plateau is realized. Following that, the Furnace will maintain the plateau essentially automatically for a
period of 10 to 20 hours, (longer if the heat flux from the Cell minimized).
ITL-M-17703 Furnace Temperature Calibrator.
Temperature Range  50°C to 700°C 
Control  0.1°C Resolution 
Communications  Included as standard 
Supply  110 VAC ± 10% (50 / 60Hz) 
Dimensions  960mm x 600mm x 560mm (HxWxD) 
Weight  254 lbs (115.2kg) 
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