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DRM-10A Micro-ohmmeter.

DRM-10A Micro-ohmmeter. Resistance Range 0,01µΩ to 200Ω, Current 10 Amp.
The DRM-10A is suitable for both in-plant maintenance and field. Resistance measurements are calculated automatically. This equipment has become the number one choice for industries, products engineers and manufacturers.
Recognized as the most accurate and easy to use on the market, the DRM-10A is shock resistant and suitable for many applications. The DRM-10A micro-ohmmeter can be used to measure very low resistances.

DRM-10A Micro-ohmmeter

Model  Description 
DRM-10A  DRM-10A Digital Micro-ohmmeter.

The DRM-10A uses a four-pin resistance measurement system which consists of injecting a current with two
cables connected at each end of the joint to be tested.
Then, the cables are installed which allow reading the tension on each side of the part to be tested in order to
measure the resistance. This eliminates any uncertainty linked to resistance of the contacts.
The instrument is equipped with a microprocessor which eliminates gaps and parasite voltages.
Thanks to its unique filtering system, the DRM-10A can be used in spite of the presence of intense magnetic

Micro ohmmeter specification
Precision  0,1% of the reading, +/- 2 counts 
Measurement Range  0,01µΩ to 200Ω 
Resolution  4 ¾ numbers 
Running Temperatures  -20° C to +50° C (-4° F to 122° F) 
Storage Temperatures  -40° C to +50° C (-40° F to 122° F) 
Humidity  0 to 95% non condensed. Submersible, rain proof 
Measurement Current  Automatic from 5 mA to 10A 
Autonomy  more than 12000 measurements, at 10A resistance less than 50 mΩ
more than 10 000 measurements, for the other currents 
Battery  Six (6) 1.2V, 2.1Ah rechargeable "A" NiMh batteries 
Charger  12V 1A adapter with sealed connector, available for 110V or 220V 
Display  Liquid crystal 128 X 64 dots, wide ranging temperatures
2.36 X 1.62 in. (60 X 41 mm)
2 back-lighting intensities (100%, 50%)8 X 4.5 X 2 in. 
Size & Dimension  (203.3 X 114.3 X 50.8 mm) 
Weight  1.9 lbs (0.86 kg) 
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