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5896C Dual Channel Transformer Micro Ohmmeter.

The 5896C Transformer micro ohmmeter is specifically designed to measure the resistance of highly
inductive loads such as transformers, motors and generators. It has a measurement resolution of
0.01µOhms for the 20µOhm range and can measure resistances up to 6kOhms.
Transformers up to 500 MVA and above can be measured. A specially designed current source is used to
quickly saturate the device core and obtain a stable resistance reading in the shortest possible time.
So that the highest resolution of the reading is always displayed, range selection is performed automatically
and therefore is not necessary to be set by the operator.

Transformer Micro-ohmmeter

Model  Description 
5896C  5896C Transformer micro-ohmmeter. Dual channel.

The 5896C Transformer Micro Ohmmeter uses the four-wire measurement technique to eliminate
the effect of the resistance of the test leads.
By using the dual inputs of the 5896C it is possible to measure both a low voltage and the high voltage
winding of a transformer at the same time. This can greatly reduce the time taken to produce cooling curves
with an added advantage that the stability of the low voltage winding measurement can be improved when
the high voltage winding is energized by the 5896C at the same time.

The 5896C Transformer Micro Ohmmeter can be used to control the transformer tap changer.
Therefore automatic measurement is possible with no need to remove the current between each tap change.
During switching the inputs of the instrument are protected to avoid damage that could occur should a tap
changer prove to be faulty during testing.

Micro ohmmeter specification
Resistance Range  20mohms (10-60A) to 6kOhms (10mA) 
Resolution  0.01mOhms e.g. 150.01mOhms (4-1/2 digit) 
Accuracy  +/- 0.1% of reading 
Max. Voltage  60V pure DC (Noise less than 10mVpp) 
Max. Current  60A pure DC 
Selectable max. current  10mA to 60A, limited by total resistance (cable + object) 
Measuring time  Short due to very fast charge with 60V available 
Discharge time  Typically 1/10 of charging time 
Measuring inputs  Measuring inputs 2 Current, 4 Potential (2 channels) 
Temperature input  Connector for PT100 (correction for 20/23° C for Cu or Al) 
Mains  85 to 260 VAC, 6.5A, Auto ranging 
Interface  RS232C 
Printer  Built-in thermal printer 
Test storage  Up to 1000 results 
Safety and EMC  CE, IEC-1010-1, EN55022 B, EN61000-3-2.-3 , ENV50204 
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