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Corona Arcing Detector

ULD-40 Ultrasonic Corona Arcing Detector.
The ULD-40 is an Ultrasonic Corona Arcing Detector designed for corona and arcing inspections for
predictive maintenance in electric utilities.
Corona effect occurs when electricity is discharges into the surrounding atmosphere form a high voltage
source. Corona effects and electrical arcs in the air emit ultrasounds.
The role of the ULD-40 consists of capturing emitted ultrasounds and of translating them into the audible
range. This equipment is perfect for high voltage maintenance program.

Corona Arcing Detector

Model  Description 
ULD-40  Ultrasonic Corona Arcing Detector

Advantages of the ULD-40
The ULD-40 enables to make remote acoustic inspections with great accuracy.
The equipment is user friendly and does not necessitate any training whatsoever.
One of the advantages of the ULD-40 is that it just works as well in noisy environments.
The applications of the ULD-40 are countless and make it a global leak detection tool: a must for any
prevention/maintenance department.

Technical specifications
7-segment display in relative dB-mode 99 dB dynamic range display
Built-in sensor with 5 degrees conical directivity
Integrated Speaker Center frequency 40 KHz
Bandwidth 38kHz-48kHz
Audio output for headset or PC recording
Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 4-hours autonomy
Rugged Delrin-made casing
Detects .005in(.127 mm) dia. leak @ 5psi (.34 bar) at a distance of 25 ft (8m)

Headset Parabolic sensor with 1 degree directivity and laser pointer
Transportation case Audio output cable for PC (microphone input)
Contact probe (coming soon)

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