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XDP II Partial Discharge Detector Recorder.

XDP II Portable Partial Discharge recorder and diagnostic system
The XDP II is a portable device for, online, factory and laboratory partial discharge measurement on electrical
apparatus, or components.
The XDP II can be used in accordance to IEC 60270. It records partial discharge measurements for computer
analysis and diagnostic using the optional XDP II software for a PC.
Using the appropriate accessories, the XDP II can be used in several applications.

Partial Discharge Recorder

Model  Description 
XDP II  Partial Discharge recorder and diagnostic system

Partial discharge testing is a PREDICTIVE qualitative analysis tool that can warn of a potential upcoming
system failure.
The XDP II is a powerful and flexible Partial Discharge Measurement System.
The XDP II is an ultra-wide-band amplification system allowing to measure PD activity. It uses a very high speed detection technique to detect Partial Discharge activities.

The XDP II displays graphically PD wave form and the built-in speaker allows to listen PD activities.
Those information can be recorded in the XDPII along with date and time of the reading.
The recorded measurements remain stored in memory even when the XDP II is shut off.
This allows the transfer of these recordings to a computer upon return from the worksite.

Technical Specifications
Simultaneous display in dB and pC
Peak Average Angle Display
Calibration Mode in pC
Graphical PD wave form Display
Network synchronization capability
Peak detection with a fast numeric circuit (CPLD)
Fast numeric processor (DSP) for instant analysis of results
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays results in easy- to- read, big letter casings
and graphic (wave form)
PC(Windows)-interface for analysis and follow-up of results Built-in calibration generator

Partial Discharge Recorder specification
Sensibility 5pC
Dynamic Range 0-60 dB Total
Sampling Frequency 30 MHz or 33 ns
Maximum number of recordings 365 recordings
Bandwidth 300 kHz to 70 MHz
Date Real-time internal clock
(Year, month, day, H, Min., Sec.)
Network Synchronization 1 mA to 50 mA 50/60
Calibration Built-in PC signal generator for set up calibration
Operating Temperatures -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to + 50°C)
Autonomy 8 hours
Batteries Six (6) 1,2V 2,1Ah rechargeable "A" NiMh
Charger 12V 1A adapter with a water proof connectors,
available for 110V or 220V
Charging Time 3h max.
Display Modes dB and PD wave form
Calibrated pC absolute value
Peak Average Phase Angle
High speed edge display
Analysis signature
Dimensions 203,3 X 114,3 X 50,8 mm
(8 X 4,5 X 2 po.)
Weight 0,86 kg (1,9 lbs)
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