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Distribution Transformer Partial Discharge Tester.

XDP-TRANS Distribution Transformer Partial Discharge Tester KIT.
This Partial Discharge Measuring Kit, for distribution transformers, provides you with the easiest way to
measure Partial Discharge in your single phase distribution transformers that are used on line
up to 35kV (up to 25 kV phase-to neutral).
Partial Discharge Measurement Partial Discharge diagnosis has been established as the most convincing
technique for the evaluation of the insulation quality of MV/HV apparatus.
Design, manufacturing or handling problems can be quickly identified using Partial Discharge testing and
then improve design, increase network reliability and reduce operation cost by installing reliable components.

Partial Discharge Tester

Model  Description 
XDP-TRANS  Distribution Transformer Partial Discharge Tester KIT

The XDP is our Partial Discharge Expert System and is the heart of the Distribution Transformer
Partial Discharge Measuring Kit.
The XDP is the most compact and portable Partial Discharge measurement system.
The use of the XDP with a HF Capacitive Coupler allows you to measure the Partial Discharge activity in
your distribution transformers.
The equipment set up and connections can be completed in minutes.

Other than the XDP Partial Discharge Expert System and the HF Capacitive Coupler, the kit includes:
a Variable Transformer, a noise suppressor to filter the low voltage AC input and a Calibrator.
The Calibrator is used to inject a reference signal, in the complete test circuit, to calibrate the test
set up in picoCoulomb.
Calibration shall be made with each new test object, unless tests are made on a series of identical
objects. Our Distribution Transformer Partial Discharge Measuring Kit is very easy to set up and
install. It takes minutes to interconnect the components together and then to the distribution
transformer to be tested.
The HF Capacitive Coupler is small enough to be installed on the top of the distribution transformer.
The complete kit can be easily moved to another location or stored when not used

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