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StatMaxx hygro - thermostat

The StatMaxx is a state-of-the-art hygro/thermostat for effective control applications for relative air humidity
and air temperature. The configuration is made by 3 front buttons and an intuitive menu structure directly
on the device.
The alarm and control function drive an integrated relay switch for turn on/off an heater or humidifier.

StatMaxx hygro thermostat

Model  Description 
StatMaxx  StatMaxx hygro - thermostat

Thanks to its design the StatMaxx can be easily mounted and put into operation.
Another plus is the maintenance and calibration that can be performed on site with the Novasina multiple
use SAL-SC humidity standards. Last but not least the small dimensions and the big display assure an
ideal positioning and a good readability of the actual values and messages displayed on the LCD.
The following 3 instrument versions are available:
S - room sensor version (probe fixed at the housing lid)
R - duct sensor version (probe on the back of the housing)
M - remote sensor version (probe with 3m cable length)

Range of use:
The StatMaxx hygrostats can be used for 2-point controlling systems for humidity and temperature regulation.
The used sensor technologies, the easy configuration possibilities and robust design make this device ideal
for applications in HVAC processes.

StatMaxx S/R/M hygro/thermostat technical specification
Humidity measurement 0 ... 100% RH..... relative humidity
Accuracy ± 3.0%RH standard
± 1.5%RH calibrated
Reproducibility ± 1.0% RH
Temperature measurement -20 ... 80°C
Accuracy ±0.5K (10...30°C) 
±0.8K (-20...80°C)
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