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HygroMaxx S/R/M Transducer

HygroMaxx S/R/M Transducer relative humidity and temperature in rooms and ducts in HVAC plants.
The combination of state-of-the-art sensor technology and functionality makes this device to a
versatile solution for various applications.

Transducer for humidity / temperature

Model  Description 
HygroMaxx  HygroMaxx S/R/M Transducer

High performance measuring instrument with large LCDisplay for air relative humidity and temperature.
For installations in rooms or ducts.
The digital capacitive humidity measurement cell in conjunction with a newly developed sensor technology,
enable this device to be used in various applications for measuring climatic parameters.
This device can be calibrated at 3 humidity and 1 temperature point. The humidity calibration can be
performed with the reusable SAL-SC standards.
The following 3 instrument versions are available:
S - room sensor version (probe fixed at the housing lid)
R - duct sensor version (probe on the back of the housing)
M - remote sensor version (probe with 3m cable length)
Range of use The HygroMaxx product series have been developed following the newest technology in
monitoring and controlling in the HVAC sector.or Monitoring and controlling in rooms and ducts.

HygroMaxx S/R/M Transducer technical specification
Humidity measurement 0 ... 100% RH..... relative humidity
Accuracy ± 3.0%RH standard
± 1.5%RH calibrated
Reproducibility < 1.0% RH........( 6....97%)
Temperature measurement -20 ... 80°C
Accuracy ±0.5K (10...30°C) 
±0.8K (-20...80°C)
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