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Humidity Temperature Data Logger

HygroGuard 20 Humidity Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display.
HygroGuard 10 Humidity Temperature Data Logger without LCD.
This new instrument has the characteristic of continuous, autonomous measurement and storage of important climate parameters humidity and temperature over a long period of time.

HygroGuard 20 Data logger

Model  Description 
HygroGuard 10  Humidity Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display.
HygroGuard 20  Humidity Temperature Data Logger no Display.

The system is delivered as a complete solution and includes besides the autonomous data logger
(with or without LC-Display) also a battery, a special data interface cable, the SmartGraph II analysis and configuration software, together with the corresponding instruction manuals on a CD.

Outstanding cost efficiency.
Analysis/visualization software and data transmission cable included in scope of del.
High performance 120.000 readings memory.
Big, clear readable display (HygroGuard 20)

Long lasting battery lifetime up to 2 years.
Configurable Interval steps + alarm functions.
Min. / Max. / Average memory functions.
Digital interface (RS 232).
Possibility of adjustment.
Configurable Ring- or Start/Stop operation.
Date and Time functions

HygroGuard specification
Type HygroGuard 10 HygroGuard 20
Temperature Measurement  
Measurement range -20......+50°C
Measurement principle NTC element
Accuracy +/- 0.3°K [0....+40°C], otherwise +/-0.5°K
Resolution (Display-memory) 0.1°C
Relative humidity Measurement  
Measurement range 10.....95% RH [not condensing]
Measurement principle capacitive
Accuracy +/- 3.0% RH [10 .... 90% RH / 0....40°C]
Resolution (Display-memory) 0.1% RH
Reproducibility %RH ca. 1.0....1.5% RH
Dimensions 54 x 110 x 25 mm 115 x 110 x 25 mm
Data logging intervals 1/10/30/60 s 1/10/30/60 min 1/3/6/12/24 h
Storage values Temperature and rel. humidity Min / Max / AVG
Analogue-, digital outputs none none
Power supply exclusively 1 x 3.6V DC [Lithium battery]
Type: LS 14500 (Saft)
Battery lifetime typical 2 years
Data memory 120.000 readings
Weight ca. 100 g ca. 250 g
Alarm signal / Display 2 x LED LCD Display
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