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HygroMate Handheld hygrometer. Relative humidity temperature meter.
Developed for general applications in the field of climate monitoring.
This battery powered device offers an ergonomic design and a clearly readable display with backlight function. The device can be operated by a practical thumb-wheel, which makes it easy to use with one hand. In addition to the relative humidity, other climate parameters as dew point and absolute water content can be displayed.
he temperature unit can be displayed either in °C or °F.

HygroMate hygrometer.

Model  Description 
Hygromate  Hygrometer. Relative humidity temperature meter.
Best price-performance ratio.
Highest quality.
Long battery life.
Large, clear readable LC display.
Integrated climate parameter calculator.
Temperature [°C/°F].
% rH, Dew point [°C/°F] .
Mixing ratio [g/m3]

Innovative one hand operation with a practical
HOLD / MAX / MIN and AVG function.
1 point temperature calibration.
1 or 2 points humidity calibration.
Date and time function.
Automatic switch-off function

Hygrometer specification
article no. 111 8903
Temperature measurement
Measurement range of the sensors -20......+50°C / -4......+122°F
Operating temperature (limited by
display and battery requirements)
0......+50°C / 32....+122°F
+/- 0.3°K / [0....+40°C], otherwise +/-0.5°K
Humidity measurement
Rel. humidity measurement range 0......95% RH [not condensing]
Dew point measurement range -50...+50°C / -58.....+122°F [not condensing]
Mixing ratio measurement range 0......83 g/m3 [not condensing]
Relative humidity accuracy +/- 2.0% RH [ 5....90% RH / 0....40°C]
Reproducibility % RH ca. 1.0....1.5% RH
Response time % RH T-90 < 10 sec.
Display, Power supply
Base resolution of the display 0.1°K / 0.1% RH
Analogue-, digital outputs None
Power supply 4 x 1.5V DC [primary batteries]
type LR 6 AA [battery power only]
Protection IP 20
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