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Oberon-R Blackbody Fixed-Point Furnace.

Oberon-R Blackbody Fixed-Point Calibrator, Up to 1100°C

High Temperature Furnace for Aluminum, Silver, Gold or Copper Blackbody Fixed-Point Cells.
The Oberon-R is designed for achieving Aluminum, Silver, Gold or Copper fixed points.

Blackbody Furnace

Model  Description 
Oberon-R  Oberon-R Blackbody Fixed-Point Furnace
The furnace core is a specially-designed stress-free isothermal heat pipe, which provides a very low
thermal gradient along the core working length.
The furnace heater is of the non-inductive bird-cage design insulated by twin bore alumina tubes.

Heatpipes provide the ideal conditions for the creation and maintenance of slim ITS-90 cells.
The heatpipe is designed so that the inner wall is not subject to thermal expansion stresses from the
outer wall before the heat pipe reaches conduction temperature.
The working fluid is permanently and safely sealed within the plasma-arc welded enclosure.
The range of the higher temperature furnace is suitable for Aluminum, Silver, Gold or Copper Blackbody
Fixed Point Cells. Connections are provided for a water supply of 0.5 to 1 liter per minute.
Water supply and waste connections are provided. Use without cooling is not recommended.

An advanced state of the art electronic control system controls the furnace temperature.
The control may be self-calibrated using freeze-point cells as references.
An over-temperature safety circuit is provided, using an on/off circuit driven by a second thermocouple.
Blackbody furnace specification
Model  426
Temperature Range  450°C to 1090°C 
Emissivity  greater than 0.995 
Stability  ±0.05°C
Display Resolution  0.1°C to 999.9; 1°C from 1000 to 1090 
Cavity Size  50mm diameter,  300mm deep 
Time to Temperature  4 hours 
Supply  110VAC ±10% (50/60Hz) 3000W  
Dimensions  410mm x 415mm x 280mm (HxWxD) 
Weight  67.2 lbs (30.5kg) 
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