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pH High accuracy Calibrator

The CSP-501 pH Calibrator simulator.

pH calibrator is used for checking accuracy of the pH-meters and finding false indications.
In case of errors enables checking weather the problem is connected with the meter or the electrode.
They simulate voltage which is created by an ideal pH electrode. Enable checking weather the input
impedance of the pH-meter is sufficient for cooperating with every electrode.
As standard the simulators may be connected with all meters equipped with BNC-50 connector,
it is also possible to use converters to other types of connectors.

Precision pH Simulator Calibrator CSP-501

Model  Description 
CSP-501            pH Calibrator. High accuracy simulator pH, mV. 


Used for checking accuracy of pH meters and controllers
Isolate whether problem is associated with the meter or the electrode
High impedance load of 1000 MOhm to fully test meter circuitry
Very high accuracy (±0.0005 pH, ±0.05 mV)
Simulates freely chosen pH and mV values-allows meter linearity checks
Storage of up to 8 pre-set pH and mV values
Bi directional communication with PC is possible with supplied software

Output Impedance : 10k Ohm/ 10exp12 Ohm
Powered by supplied 9V adapter

Function  pH  mV 
Range  -3.999 - +17.999 pH  ±1,999.9 mV 
Resolution  0.001 pH  0.1 mV 
Accuracy (±1 digit)  ±0.0005 pH  ±0.05 mV 
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