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pH Simulator

The HD9609K pH /mV simulator kit composed of instrument HD9609, adapter cables CP 9509/T,
CP9509/BNC and carrying case.
The pH, mV Simulator Calibrator HD 9609 is a portable instrument for checking and calibrating pH and mV measuring instruments. The characteristics of this instrument satisfy any checking and calibrating requirements for both portable and panel-mounted instruments; it may be used in laboratories, in industry or for checks in the field. Despite its many functions, the instrument is simple to use: a large display, with dual indication, and a series of symbols allow it to be used even by unskilled personnel.

pH, mV Simulator Calibrator HD9609

Model  Description 
HD9609            pH simulator kit. mV ph calibrator. 

The HD9609 simulator sends to output in channel A the simulation of signals of an electrode for measuring pH, ORP, ISFET, in the range: 0 to 14 pH, with resolution 0.10 pH; ±1999 mV, with resolution 1 mV.
The user may choose between two output impedance values: 100 K, low impedance; 1 G, high impedance.
The simulation of the electrode compensation temperature is manually programmed in the range
from -20°C to +150°C, while the temperature is measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.
The pH simulation values may be manually set as desired, in steps of 0.1 or 1 pH.
The mV simulation values may be manually set as desired, in steps of 1 or 10 mV.
The HD9609 simulator is fed with an ordinary 9Vdc alkaline battery.
The electronics are housed in a sturdy ABS case with ergonomic lines. In designing and making the
instrument, each detail has been assessed and selected in order to provide an instrument with high
performance and excellent long-term measurement stability.

Simulation pH: 0÷14 pH
pH simulation: 0÷14 pH
pH resolution: 0.1 pH
pH accuracy 20÷25°C: 0.002 pH
Thermal drift: ±0.0005 pH/°C from -5°C to 20°C and from 25°C to 50°C
mV simulation: ± 1999 mV
mV resolution: 1 mV
mV accuracy: ±100 µV
Thermal drift mV scale: -199.9 ... +199.9: ±0.01 mW/°C from -5 to 20°C and from 25 to 50°C
mV thermal drift: -1999 ... +1999: ±0.05 mV/°C from -5 to 20°C and from 25 to 50°C
Noise 0÷10 Hz: 1 µV peak/peak
Simulation of compensation temperature: -20 to 150°C (-4 to 302°F)
Output impedance: 100 Kohm 1%, 1Gohm 5% (no leading load capacity)
Display: LCD 2 lines, 31/2 digits. Figure height approx. 12.5 mm.
Symbols: pH, mV, °C, °F, HI imp., LO imp., 0.1 pH, 1 pH, 1 mV, 10 mV
Signals: LOU, ER1, CAL
Work temperature: -5 to 50°C (23 to 122°F)
Power supply: 9 Vdc alkaline battery. Low battery indication.
Consumption (instrument only): 5 mA lit, 20 µA off
Autonomy: about 200 hours
Dimensions: 187 x 72 x 38 mm.
Weight: 300 gr

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